Michelle Lowe-Holder

Born in Canada and having accomplished an Honours degree from Pratt Institute in New York, Michelle Lowe-Holder worked for several years in the industry before attending Central Saint Martins program in 1999. After finishing an MA in Knitwear - the Michelle Lowe-Holder own label collection was born in 2001. Years later in 2009 LCF's Centre for Sustainable Fashion invited Michelle Lowe-Holder to attend a year long mentoring program and her ‘Ribbon Reclaim’ collection marked a big change in direction. Michelle’s focus shifted, whereupon the handcraft detail, often vintage and heritage, which would have been a part of the clothing and often the inspiration - became the design or piece itself. Sustainable and ethical practises of zero waste, upcyling by using ends of lines and scraps from previous collections has become integral to the label.